Have you become frustrated with the fine lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines you see when you look in the mirror? If the answer is yes, you aren’t alone. River Region Dermatology and Laser in Montgomery, AL, has been helping hundreds of individuals who feel the same way. Our practice uses Botox to quickly, safely, and effectively address the physical signs of aging.

Who Is the Ideal Botox Candidate?

Botox injections are a phenomenal option for anyone who has healthy skin that is beginning to show typical signs of aging. Both male and female patients will experience excellent results from this treatment. Our practice frequently serves patients who wish to be proactive about wrinkle prevention as they age and those who seek a more youthful appearance but do not have time for the recovery required for more invasive treatments.

Patients with Healthy Skin

To get maximum benefits from a Botox treatment, our medical professionals recommend that all patients be in good health before starting treatments. A patient who is an excellent candidate for this treatment will have healthy, aging skin that is free from irritation and infection.

Proactive Patients

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in individuals engaging in preventative skincare practices and treatments. It is now not uncommon for patients in their late 20s and early 30s to begin to seek anti-aging therapies as soon as they notice the telltale signs of aging creep in.

Wishing to take a proactive approach, these patients often include injections into their skincare routines. This early start is a wise course of action and allows our medical professionals to address symptoms of aging before they become prominent.

Busy Patients

This treatment requires little to no downtime, a fact which is one of its many advantages. These non-invasive treatments typically take less than 30 minutes and require no anesthesia or recovery period.

Many of our patients actually schedule their treatments during their lunch hour and go right back to work after their appointment. Treatments that provide such drastic anti-aging results with such little downtime are few and far between, and none match the reliability and convenience of Botox.

Patients Seeking a Fix for Moderate Aging

Botox is at its best when it is being used to treat the fine lines that are apparent when you squint, smile broadly, grimace, or make other exaggerated facial expressions. These fine lines are called dynamic lines or dynamic wrinkles, and they are not noticeable when your face is immobile. If you seek to treat extremely deep facial lines and wrinkles, your medical practitioner may recommend a different course of treatment for you.

A Wide Age Range of Patients

This revolutionary treatment is suitable for almost all ages. Patients between the ages of 18 and 65 can enjoy the benefits of these anti-aging injections. Medical practitioners will not give these injections to patients under 18 because they should not have developed dynamic wrinkles. If they have developed dynamic lines for some reason, there is likely an underlying medical issue that needs to be addressed with their primary care physician.

Patients Seeking Non-Permanent Solutions

As the results of these injections last between three and six months, they are the ideal choice for a patient who doesn’t want anything permanent done. In the improbable chance that you do not like your results, or if you decide you want to try a different treatment method, the Botox will naturally wear off with no ill effects.

Realistic Patients

This treatment will temporarily relax frown lines, furrowed brows, crow’s feet, and other thin lines, providing the face with a more relaxed and youthful countenance. However, this treatment is not designed to make you look 18 again.

Patients who are seeking a more aggressive form of anti-aging treatment should let one of our medical professionals know. They would be happy to sit down and chat with you about what treatment would be best suited for your goals and specific circumstances.

Patients with Other Cosmetic Issues

While this treatment can relax wrinkles and fine lines, it can also do so much more. Medical professionals commonly use this solution to sculpt a patient’s jawline or help ease TMJ symptoms. It is also well-suited for smile modification, where the medical practitioner is treating a patient whose natural smile reveals too much of the upper gums.

Patients Who Are Not Pregnant

This injectable is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals or patients who are allergic to the contents of the solution. Beyond those few exceptions, nearly everyone else is eligible for this treatment.

What Is Botox?

This injection contains an ingredient the causes the muscles to release, smoothes away existing wrinkles, and prevents new ones from forming. It is performed through a series of tiny injections near the lines being treated. It usually takes three to seven days for the effects to become noticeable, and the results will last for three to six months.

If you’re ready for a fast and effective way to stop the signs of aging in their tracks, this could be the perfect option for you. Call River Region Dermatology and Laser in Montgomery, AL, today and schedule a consultation to see if this radical anti-aging treatment is right for you!

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