There is no other cosmetic option on the market today that is more popular than BOTOX® treatment. Because the treatment is so popular, it is common to hear individuals all around the world refer to it as a treatment that fixes everything that could possibly cause a person to look unattractive or older. The truth of the matter is that this treatment is designed to address a specific problem. When it is used for its intended purpose, it can produce powerful results. We invite you to learn more about this treatment and what it can do for you.

Say Goodbye to Dynamic Wrinkles

It is surprising to some individuals to find out that not all wrinkles on their face are created equal. It is common for people to deal with both static and dynamic wrinkles as they get older. Static wrinkles are usually created because of the way all of us lose facial volume as we get. As our skin loses fat, it starts to look deflated. This causes the skin to hang and to have hollow areas, especially in the temples and cheeks. In order to address static wrinkles, many have turned to dermal fillers. Many dermal fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, which is something that occurs in the skin naturally. Most fillers last about six months and can produce natural looking results.

Cosmetic BOTOX® will help individuals who are dealing with dynamic wrinkles. How do you know which type of wrinkles you have? You can do a simple test. All you need to do is look in the mirror and determine where your most annoying wrinkles are located. Next, make a few different facial expressions. If the lines that you have on your face are associated with facial expressions, you need a product that will relax the facial muscles. This is exactly what BOTOX® will do.

What if you are dealing with both dynamic and static wrinkles? Many have been able to enjoy the benefits of what is referred to as a liquid facelift. This combines a product that relaxes the facial muscles with dermal filler injections. This can give you a completely refreshed look without the need to go through surgery.

It is good to mention that this product is not going to address loose and sagging skin. Depending on your age, your health, and the severity of your wrinkles, you may need a more invasive procedure in order to get the best results. This treatment is best for individuals who want to prevent dynamic wrinkles and who are dealing with light to moderate dynamic wrinkles. If your dynamic wrinkles are light to moderate, you may be able to say goodbye to them completely. If they are a bit more severe, they will be softened. Either way, you are going to enjoy a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

It is good for you to be realistic when it comes to your expectations for the treatment. We would be happy to show you before and after photographs of some of our clients who have had this and other treatments performed. We have found that when our clients understand how treatments work and have a realistic idea of what they can do, they feel the most satisfied afterward.

Is BOTOX® Treatment Right for You?

The FDA has set out certain requirements that a person must meet in order to qualify for this treatment. First, an individual needs to be in between the ages of 18 and 65. This is quite broad. Individuals who are in their late teen years and early 20s usually do not need these injections. However, individuals who are concerned about preventing dynamic wrinkles may benefit from these injections. Second, individuals who are in their 60s may qualify for these treatments, but they may not be the best option to help a person address an aging appearance. If a person has not used any type of cosmetic treatment or procedure up until this point, they may need something a bit more invasive in order to give them the results they are looking for.

You need to meet certain health qualifications in order to use cosmetic BOTOX® treatments. When you visit us for the first time, you will meet with our doctor. You should be prepared to answer questions about your overall health. If you deal with serious issues that affect your nerves or muscles, this may not be the right option for you. If you have a skin infection where the treatment will be injected, it is better to postpone the treatment until the infection has cleared up. If you have severe facial scarring, we can discuss other options that can help you to refresh your appearance.

Women who are pregnant or nursing do not qualify for these injections. We have seen that women who are past these stages enjoy the way the injections refresh their appearance though. Many include this as part of a makeover in order to improve their self-confidence and appearance.

Some men feel hesitant to ask about cosmetic treatments because it is usually more common for women to visit spas or dermatologist’s offices in an effort to improve their appearance. However, men who have used this treatment have benefited greatly. It has given them the boost of self-confidence they need to pursue new relationships, maintain a competitive edge in the workforce, or just to enjoy the highest quality of life possible. There is a direct link between the way a person looks on the outside and how they feel about themselves on the inside.

Get In Touch with Us for More Information

The best way for you to learn about your candidacy for a cosmetic BOTOX® treatment and to find out what it can really do for you is to make an appointment with River Region Dermatology and Laser. At our convenient location in Montgomery, our caring and dedicated team of professionals will be pleased to explain this option to you in full and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!

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