Have you been searching for a way to manage your psoriasis, eczema, or vitiligo symptoms? UVB Phototherapy can be an excellent way to keep the symptoms of these skin conditions at bay for an extended period of time.

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What is UVB Phototherapy?

UVB phototherapy is a form of light therapy that uses ultraviolet light to treat skin conditions. It utilizes light at a UVB wavelength that is somewhere between the intensity of tanning rays (UVA) and UVC rays. This therapy has been a standard way to treat a wide variety of skin diseases since the 1920s. Because this treatment has such a long history of being used, patients can take comfort knowing that it is proven to be a safe and effective way to improve the condition of their skin.

How Does it Work?

UVB phototherapy brings effective relief to a wide variety of immune system-based skin diseases because of the way it affects immune cells. When UVB light is aimed at the skin, it passes through its upper layers and is absorbed directly by the cells of the immune system. Once it is absorbed by these immune system cells, these cells begin to shut down. Since these same cells are responsible for the flare ups associated with many skin diseases, UVB phototherapy is an effective way to manage the symptoms that these diseases cause. Most commonly, this therapy is used to treat psoriasis, eczema, and vitiligo.

What Should I Expect from a UVB Phototherapy Treatment?

Each UVB phototherapy treatment can take a different amount of time depending on the specific skin condition each patient is having treated. Generally, a treatment doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes to complete. Additionally, the number of treatment required varies depending on the particular skin condition being addressed. While there is not an extended period of downtime associated with this procedure, many patients experience a sunburn-like sensation following treatment.

Before undergoing a UVB phototherapy session, patients must first schedule a consultation appointment with our practice’s board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Porcia Love. During this appointment, Dr. Love will examine your skin and evaluate if UVB phototherapy is the most effective way to treat it.

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