Not everyone takes joy and pride in their crow’s feet, which are those tiny lines that form at the outer corners of the eye. While they may reflect a life well-lived and plenty of joy and laughter, they also reflect the condition of your aging skin. You see, the longer you make the same facial expressions that crinkle your skin, the easier it is for these crinkles to set into the skin. Before these crow’s feet set into your skin completely, you can take control of them by choosing a minimally-invasive treatment like BOTOX® that relaxes these lines and stops new lines from forming.

BOTOX® is the most popular cosmetic treatment these days and is specifically approved for treating crow’s feet as well as some of the other most commonly seen lines and wrinkles on the face. BOTOX® can temporarily relax the tiny muscles located beneath the skin, stopping them from contracting and wrinkling the skin lying over them. Then these lines can no longer become set into the skin. While BOTOX® does not actually increase the collagen that has been lost around the eyes, it can stop new lines from forming and soften the lines that have already formed.

A BOTOX® treatment is a fast, convenient and easy option that can often put off the need for more invasive treatments, such as brow lifts that are used to open up the entire eye area. A single treatment at our office can effectively soften the eye area while leaving you some extra time for treating other areas of the face. You see, BOTOX® can be used in a variety of locations around the face and neck. While it is FDA-approved for crow’s feet as well as vertical lines between the eyes and horizontal lines across the forehead, there are other uses for it as well.

At your first appointment, we will start with a consultation to ensure that we are on the same page. We will want to know about your past medical history and will want to hear about your personal skin care goals. We will also take the time to look at your facial skin and discuss what other treatment options are open to you. If you are ready to soften your crow’s feet and enjoy a younger look, consider a BOTOX® treatment at River Region Dermatology & Laser in Montgomery. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started.

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