Everyone is born with hair; however, some are blessed (or cursed) with lots of it, all over. This can be annoying and frustrating. You have to continually buy razors or make repeated trips to the salon to rid yourself of it. Laser hair removal in Montgomery works to remove your unwanted hair in just a series of treatments and without all the uncomfortable side effects of shaving and waxing. After all, razor burn and ingrown hairs are a high price to pay for smooth, hairless skin.

At River Region Dermatology & Laser, we offer an effective treatment that leaves you with little or no hair depending on your desired results. Before you come for a treatment, there are a few things that are helpful for you to know.

How It Works

Laser hair removal in Montgomery works by using a highly concentrated light beam to target your hair follicles. The pigments or colored areas inside these follicles then absorb this light, causing them to heat up. The heat is intense enough to permanently damage and destroy these pigments, and the cells can not keep producing hair. Depending on the case, this means that no hair will grow from that follicle again.

Why It Takes Multiple Treatments

Your hair grows in cycles. Not every hair follicle produces hair at the same speed. Their cycle times and lengths can vary greatly. When you come in for laser hair removal in Montgomery, the laser will target hair follicles that are in the growth stage. These follicles are then treated and the pigments that create hair are destroyed. The follicle right next to this one may not be in the growth phase, though, so it can not be treated yet. The neighboring follicle will most likely be active again in the upcoming weeks. So we will schedule you to come in for another treatment, during which we will target different follicles that are now in the proper hair growth phase. With each treatment, you will see less and less hair growth coming back.

Getting Started

Take a moment to book a consultation at River Region Dermatology & Laser to get more information about laser hair removal. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our office in Montgomery.

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