A beautiful, ageless complexion is something most women want, and many of us buy tons of over-the-counter skin care products to erase the sun damage and try to rebuild the collagen. Unfortunately, these products don’t have enough strength to create a significant improvement unless they qualify as medical-grade skin care. That’s the secret to an excellent complexion. You need the proper routine that includes formulas with potent active ingredients. Medical-grade products are only available from establishments that operate under a physician’s license. If you’re seeking a flawless complexion with noticeable results, then go medical-grade.

The Concentration Difference

Over-the-counter products often feature expensive TV and print advertising that promises to improve your complexion in two weeks. There’s a lot of hype, and many of us buy into it only to be disappointed in ineffective serums and creams.

Medical-grade skin care products are superior based on extensive research regarding their concentration amounts. For example, these formulations are dispensed through your dermatologist because they are made with a higher amount of active ingredients. These licensed skin care experts have been well-versed to evaluate whether that concentration is appropriate for each client.

Tailored Skin Care Plan for You

Medical-grade skin care products can be customized for your personal complexion care needs. A dermatologist or esthetician can determine what formulas will be best suited for your skin tone, skin texture and skin type. This licensed expert will take the time to perform an in-depth skin evaluation and come up with a tailored treatment plan for developing radiant, ageless skin.

These powerful serums and creams can address all kinds of issues. From wrinkles to acne, pigmentation, scars and sun damage, medical-grade has the exceptional ability to reach the skin at its cellular level.

Superb Skin Care Power Players

Active ingredients at higher concentrations that are highly stabilized can help correct your complexion imperfections. Over-the-counter formulas cannot compete at the deeper skin layers; they don’t contain enough oomph to deliver.

Medical-grade power players often include ingredients like retinoids and retinol, hydroquinone, hyaluronic acid, glycolic and lactic acids. There are also vitamins C and E in strong enough concentrations to create real changes in the skin.

These powerful active ingredients are able to penetrate into the dermis where the true skin building action occurs. This is where the collagen-producing is located. Medical skin care products are unique and have the backing of real science, loads of research and come directly from a licensed physician or skin care expert’s office.

If you’re interested in getting at the root of your skin care needs, then set up a consultation with us. Here at River Region Dermatology & Laser in Montgomery, we believe in the power of medical-grade skin care products. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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