Rosacea affects an estimated 14 million Americans. While this skin disorder is chronic, it can be effectively managed with the right combination of medications from the right dermatologist.

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What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a disorder of the skin that causes excessive redness to form on the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead. It is characterized by flushing, bumps, pimples, persistent redness, and visible blood vessels. These symptoms are often exacerbated and triggered by extreme weather conditions, certain types of food and drink, and stress.

While no one is sure what exactly causes people to develop rosacea, the condition is chronic and incurable. Fortunately, people affected by this disorder can lower the frequency of their flare-ups and lead normal, healthy lives by avoiding common triggers and regularly taking certain topical and oral medications.

What Triggers Symptoms?

To put it simply, rosacea is primarily triggered by extreme temperatures and emotional stress. The winter and summer months are both a difficult time for individuals with rosacea, as symptoms tend to worsen in very hot and very cold temperatures. Temperature related triggers carry over to foods and drinks as well — hot beverages and hot foods can also cause flare-ups. Emotional stress has also been known worsen symptoms.

Aside from these two main categories of triggers, heavy exercise, harsh wind exposure, as well as alcohol and spicy food consumption can also increase the frequency and severity of rosacea symptoms.

How can I Treat It?

When rosacea treatment is overseen by a skilled, licensed dermatologist, the severity and frequency of symptoms can be effectively managed. Typically, a strong oral medication is prescribed shortly after a patient’s first consultation with Dr. Porcia Love in order to bring rosacea symptoms under control. Once this part of treatment is complete, a less potent oral medication may be prescribed along with topical medication. Other in-office treatments may also be recommended.

Before beginning treatment, Dr. Porcia Love must carefully examine your individual case of rosacea. Based on your particular symptoms and triggers, Dr. Love will design a comprehensive treatment plan for you that best meets the needs of your skin and lifestyle.

Rosacea can be difficult to live with, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’d like to begin seeing improvements in your condition, contact River Region Dermatology today to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Porcia Love. We look forward to hearing from you!