Spider veins have a noticeable appearance. Because the veins that are affected are near the surface of the skin, they can make your skin look like it has a spider web running through it.

Spider veins are veins that have become dilated to the point of being visible. Most people develop spider veins on their thighs, ankles, or buttocks. Laser therapy has long been the go-to treatment for spider veins. It is effective and can reduce the dark unwanted appearance of spider veins.

If you decide to go in for laser vein treatment, the doctor can put you under local anesthesia. The entire process should take less than 60 minutes. The treatment is performed using focused beams of light that are directed toward the vein that is causing you problems. Because the beam is focused, it will not affect the nearby skin, tissue, or healthy veins. The laser is designed to increase the temperature of the vein to the point where it is destroyed. Over the next month, the destroyed vein is absorbed into your body and eventually disappears.

The energy from the laser works because of its ability to penetrate the skin and the superficial blood vessel that is causing your spider veins. The heat from the laser causes the blood inside the vessel to coagulate. This in turn causes the vein to seal and collapse. Over the next few weeks as the vein disappears, any of the coagulated blood is removed from the body through its natural healing and cleansing process.

Before the treatment, the doctor can apply a local anesthetic. You may feel a slight tingle as the laser treatment begins. Modern-day lasers used for this purpose are equipped with a cooling system. This prevents the tip of the laser from reaching high temperatures, thereby protecting your skin from damage and burns.

Since this is a non-surgical treatment, there is not a lot of preparation needed before the treatment. Your doctor may recommend that you stay out of the sun in the days leading up to the treatment and that you stay away from things like alcohol, aspirin, and smoking. On the day of your treatment, you should not apply lotions or moisturizers on the area that you want treated. You should wear comfortable clothing to make it easier for the doctor to access the body part that is being treated.

If you feel that dark unwanted spider veins are robbing you of your confidence, do something about it. Reduce unwanted lines with spider vein laser treatment here at River Region Dermatology and Laser located in Montgomery, AL. contact us today and schedule your consultation!

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