Have flat patches of grey-brown pigmentation begun to develop on the surface of your skin? These new features could be melasma. While it is not a medically threatening skin condition, it can be an aesthetic annoyance for the people that have it.

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What is Melasma?

Melasma is a common skin problem that causes grey-brown patches to form on the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and upper lip. These features can also appear on the forearms and neck, but they develop in these areas less often. In general, this condition is more likely to develop on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun.

When it comes to the people affected by melasma, the overwhelming majority of them are women. Pregnant women, in particular, have an unusually high chance of developing these growths. It also more commonly affects people with naturally tan or brown skin than people with very dark or very light skin.

What Causes It?

Melasma is caused by an overproduction of melanin by melanocytes, or the cells that produce pigment within the skin. This overproduction can be triggered by a number of different factors, including:

  • Genetics
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Hypothyroidism

Fortunately, melasma often goes away on its own in time. But while this skin growth brings no harmful or painful side effects to the people that have it, many individuals wish to have it removed if it persists.

How is it Treated?

More often than not, this condition goes away on its own. This is because one of the most common causes of it, hormonal fluctuations, tends to correct itself over time. If these hormonal changes are caused by certain medications, the affected person will have to stop taking these medications to see their condition improve.

For patients with stubborn cases of melasma, River Region Dermatology offers a wide variety of treatments to help improve or even eliminate it. Typically, Dr. Porcia Love administers topical skin lightening products that can lighten and eliminate the darkness that is characteristic of melasma. Doctor Love may also recommend that patients with particularly challenging cases of this condition undergo a series of in-office treatments.

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