There are many diets and procedures out there aimed at helping you lose weight, but what about something to help tighten the skin? Exilis is a treatment designed to do just that. It is non-surgical as well as non-invasive. Exilis skin tightening utilizes safe radiofrequency waves to reduce skin laxity. It may be just the treatment you’ve been looking for to achieve your goals.

How Does Exilis Skin Tightening Work?

Exilis is considered a monopolar radiofrequency device. The treatment tip of this device is placed on the target area, where it gently and safely heats up the skin. Once the skin reaches 107-111°, the collagen undergoes structural changes. The body is encouraged to then create new collagen in the weeks and months to come. This helps to treat skin sagging, laxity, and can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

While this treatment can be effective on many areas of the body, it is best suited for smaller areas in need of tightening. Common parts of the body people have Exilis treatments on include the neck, thighs, arms, and lower abdomen.

What to Expect with Exilis Treatments

The first step in the Exilis process is to sit down at a consultation to discuss your goals. Typically speaking, a series of treatments will be required to help you get the results you are seeking. On average, people receive between four and six treatments in total. These sessions are spaced two to four weeks apart in order to give your body enough time to create collagen.

Unlike many other skin tightening treatments out there, Exilis causes no downtime. You may notice a slight pink tint to your skin immediately after treatment, but this quickly fades. Results are not instant with this treatment. It will take weeks and even months for your body to create the new collagen necessary to tighten your skin. The end results are worth your patience! Once you have reached your ideal results, a follow-up treatment can be done once every six months to a year in order to maintain them.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Exilis Skin Tightening?

This is a good treatment option for anyone looking to tighten and tone their skin. That being said, patients with a good amount of skin elasticity will typically respond better to Exilis. If your skin texture is poor or lacking in elasticity, more treatment sessions may be required.

The best way to know whether or not you are a good candidate for Exilis skin tightening is to visit River Region Dermatology & Laser in Montgomery. Our team can evaluate your goals and create a personalized treatment plan to help you reach them. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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