The skin is our largest and most exposed organ, so it is prone to damage. Almost everyone experiences scarring, the negative effects of aging, or discoloration due to sun damage. If you’d like to achieve smooth, youthful-looking skin without cosmetic surgery, you should consider microneedling, also called collagen induction therapy. Here at River Region Dermatology & Laser in Montgomery, AL, we come up with customized plans for each patient.

How Often Can You Get Microneedling?

During collagen induction therapy, your skin is pierced with microscopic needles. The nicks that are caused trigger your body’s healing response, so the blood flow increases, and more platelets are delivered to the treatment site. These small blood cells then stimulate the breakdown of old tissue and the formation of new, healthy cells. As a result, your skin will become firmer, smoother, and more evenly toned.

The injuries are microscopic, so they don’t cause any damage to your body. However, you should let your skin recover and create new cells for several weeks after a CIT session. Most experts recommend that you come to the clinic once every four to six weeks. The number of sessions depends on the kind of issue you’re addressing and the results you desire.

CIT for Skin Conditions 

Sometimes, conditions such as chicken pox or acne leave long-lasting dents in your skin. Similarly, the sun can cause damage and discoloration, and you might have enlarged pores due to pollution. If you’re suffering from these issues, you should look into having CIT. We always consider the individual’s situation when recommending how many sessions are necessary.

Generally, we offer two to six microneedling appointments for people who would like to get rid of skin conditions. After these initial treatments, we will take a break to let the results set in. Then, we will evaluate whether any further treatment is necessary. CIT for skin conditions is often permanent, so you don’t have to come back to the clinic for maintenance appointments.

CIT for the Effects of Aging 

When we’re very young, our bodies produce plenty of the structural proteins collagen and elastin, which keep our tissues healthy and youthful-looking. But over time, protein production slows down, and we start to display the first signs of aging, which might include wrinkles and sagging skin. If you’ve noticed the first lines, you should come to the clinic. The earlier intervention begins, the better.

Collagen induction therapy is the perfect treatment for people who have mild to moderate wrinkling. The tiny needles trick the body into thinking that there is an injury that needs to be repaired. As a result, new cells are produced at a rapid rate. After your first set of three to six sessions, which should be four to six weeks apart, you’ll have to return to the clinic around twice a year for maintenance treatments.

CIT for Hair Loss 

Hair loss affects the vast majority of men and up to 50% of women at some point in life. While men tend to lose hair in patches or at the forehead, women’s hair often becomes thinner.

If you’d like to prevent male or female pattern baldness, you should get collagen induction therapy as soon as you notice the first symptoms. You might need to come to the clinic quite frequently, for example once every two weeks. Because hair loss is related to aging, you’ll also need maintenance sessions once your first course of treatment is over.

Am I Eligible? 

The best way to find out whether you’re a good candidate for CIT is to book an appointment with us. We can evaluate your cosmetic or medical concern and let you know whether this is the best option. Often, this method is combined with other options like facials, laser treatment, or platelet-rich plasma injections.

Because we’re not injecting chemicals or making incisions in your skin, you’re almost certainly eligible for CIT. If you have an acute skin condition or you’re pregnant, you might have to wait until your situation changes. People with serious health concerns like cancer or severe heart disease should speak to their doctor before getting treatment.

What Is the Appointment Like?

Most CIT sessions don’t take more than half an hour. After you arrive at the clinic, we’ll numb your treatment area with a cream, so you’ll be comfortable during the appointment. Then, we will run the handheld device over your face to make the small nicks in your skin. We may also apply a serum that hydrates and nourishes your skin.

When you’re done, you can leave the clinic and drive yourself home or back to work. You might want to spend some time resting after your first appointment, since the sensation will be unusual. However, most people who’ve had several CIT appointments resume their regular routine right away.

Achieve a Healthy, Youthful Glow Today 

Microneedling is one of the most effective and least invasive ways of addressing common skin problems like scarring, small lines and wrinkles, discoloration, or enlarged pores. The frequency and number of appointments depend on the condition you’re treating and your individual health history. Give us a call at River Region Dermatology & Laser in Montgomery, AL, and book an initial consultation to find out whether you’re a good candidate.

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