Has stubborn fat pushed you to your wit’s end? Have you worked hard to lose weight but been discouraged because your body shape remained largely the same? River Region Dermatology & Laser in Montgomery, AL is ready to help you face your body shape problems through treatments such as CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting may be the answer to your ongoing frustrations.

This treatment can help you overcome troublesome areas of fat that traditional diet and exercise fail to address. But what are the treatments all about? And how many treatments will you need? We wanted to answer some of your questions about this fat reduction treatment to help you decide if CoolSculpting treatments might be for you.

The Problem

From our youth, we have a certain number of fat cells, and that total number changes little as an adult. If you lose weight in a healthy way, your fat cells shrink. Gaining weight leads to the fat cells becoming larger. Either way, the number of cells remains the same.

The dispersion of your fat cells can create pockets of stubborn fat. You may lose weight, but the area where fat cells are densely populated will remain proportionally larger than other areas. For this reason, you can lose weight and retain the same body shape. Stubborn fat still exists in the most difficult areas.

The Difference

CoolSculpting does not promote weight loss; rather, it is a fat reduction treatment. In other words, fat reduction does not shrink fat cells, but it kills them in the areas with the most stubborn fat. The damaged cells are dispelled from the body through the body’s lymphatic system.

In that sense, CoolSculpting is different from weight loss because it changes the shape of your body and the number of fat cells. From there, whether you gain weight or lose weight, your proportional figure will remain largely the same.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting is a particular brand of an FDA-approved method of reducing fat known as cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis uses freezing temperatures to damage stubborn fat cells. This method is particularly effective because fat cells are susceptible to cold temperatures in a way that other cells are not. Therefore, the cold temperatures that damage the fat cells have no ill effects on skin cells or other tissues in your body.

The obvious difference between cryolipolysis and other fat removal such as liposuction is cryolipolysis’ non-invasive treatment style. Cryolipolysis requires no surgery or anesthesia. It is similar to liposuction, however, in its ability to target specific areas of stubborn fat. While fat reduction is never a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise, it targets your body fat in a way that exercise cannot do.

Is It Effective?

Fat reduction through cryolipolysis is a proven-effective method for removing fat cells from your body. The natural science behind cryolipolysis dictates that fat cells freeze, and when they freeze the body will discard them. It can take several months for your body to rid itself naturally of the dead cells, but once the cells are gone they can never grow larger again, even if you do gain weight.

What Body Areas Can Be Treated?

Many areas of the body can be treated with fat freezing, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms

What Is a Treatment Session Like?

You can expect your treatment session to be very relaxed. If you and your consulting doctor agree that the treatment is right for you, a session will be scheduled. Sessions last for about an hour.

During your session you will be able to read, watch one of our TVs, or even drift off for a nap. We provide blankets to keep you warm while your stubborn fat is frozen.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Most of our clients require multiple sessions. Some variables include each client’s unique body shape and individual goals. The number of areas being treated also affects the total number of sessions.

Cryolipolysis does not foster traditional weight loss, so the weight of an individual will affect the number of treatments required. If you are already close to your goal weight and simply need to shape your stubborn fat areas, you will require fewer treatments than someone who still has extensive weight loss goals.

Because the treatments are safe and rely on natural body functions to dispel dead fat cells, there is theoretically no limit to the number of treatments a patient can receive. it is important that treatments are sporadic enough to allow the body to react naturally to the dead fat cells.

Just like each person is different, individual treatments are also unique to each client. Every patient’s body reacts differently and disposes of dead fat cells at its own rate.

Is It for Me?

If stubborn fat pockets are an ongoing frustration for you, it may be time to look closely at CoolSculpting treatments. The ideal candidate is close to his or her target weight and in need of shaping those difficult spots on the body. You should also be in good overall health.

If you want to learn more about fat reduction options, visit River Region Dermatology and Laser at 2060 Berryhill Road in Montgomery, AL. The practice is determined to provide high patient satisfaction through excellent service and quality medical care. We are ready to speak with you if you and answer all your questions about fat reduction. Learn more about our treatments and the treatment process by calling 334-676-3366 today.

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