Long, thick, lush dark eyelashes are often thought to be one of the most important features of an attractive woman. Such eyelashes draw attention to the woman’s eyes, and the motion of the lashes can be seductive. Since most women don’t naturally grow long, thick, or dark eyelashes, they work hard to produce an artificial effect. Mascara can in some cases induce the illusion of such lashes, but it can’t change the length of the lashes. Artificial eyelashes can produce the desired look, but they can also cause skin irritation and infections. Latisse® allows women to grow their own fully natural long, thick, lush dark eyelashes with minimal effort.

How Does it Work? Researchers studying treatments for glaucoma noted that one of their compounds had the interesting side effect of inducing eyelash growth, and Latisse® was born. This compound is FDA-approved for growing eyelashes and is available by prescription only. Every evening, a drop of the liquid is placed on a special sterile single-use applicator and then the applicator is used to apply the medication to the upper eyelid in a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes. It takes time to work since it induces the eyelashes to grow. Results begin to become apparent after three to four weeks of daily application and reach their maximal effect at around 16 weeks. In order to maintain the results, however, Latisse® must be continuously applied or the eyelashes will gradually revert to their former appearance.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects? Most users experience no side effects at all. However, if the Latisse® is allowed to drip onto the skin it can temporarily induce hair growth, but this can be avoided by applying the medication properly. A few users experience eye irritation, such as itching and redness. Most users experience darkening of the eyelid skin, but this quickly goes away if the medication is discontinued.

What About Glaucoma? Latisse® is sold under a different brand name, Lumigan, to treat glaucoma. It is possible that Latisse® use for eyelashes can affect intraocular pressure. Therefore, individuals who are using treatments for glaucoma should be regularly checked during the first few weeks of Latisse® use in order to confirm that it is not interfering with their glaucoma treatment or affecting their intraocular pressure.

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