Long lashes are something many women strive to obtain. There are a number of reasons you may experience loss of lash growth or sparse eyelashes. It could be hereditary or it could simply be due to the natural aging process. No matter what the cause, you may have found yourself looking for a solution. False eyelashes or salon extensions are options many women try. These are often problematic due to cost, time, and hassle. Eyelash serum is an alternative that appeals to women for its effectiveness and ease of use. Keep reading to discover how eyelash serum works and whether it may be right for you.

About Eyelash Serums

These products come in a variety of forms and price points. Some are prescriptions, while others can be obtained over-the-counter. There are lash growth creams, lotions, gels and serums. They are all topical solutions that are applied to the top eyelid at the lash line. Usually, it’s recommended that application take place at night before going to bed. The ingredients are meant to condition eyelashes and extend their growth cycle. Some are more effective than others.

How Does Eyelash Serum Work

An eyelash serum works in two stages. First, it allows the growth stage of the follicle to be increased so that lash length can be attained. It also conditions and strengthens the eyelashes so they are less prone to breakage. Along with nutrients and conditioning agents, eyelash serums also contain hormones known as prostaglandins. These extend the first phase of the hair growth cycle, known as the anagen stage. When you stop using eyelash serum, you will notice your lashes go back to their original state. That’s because the lash growth cycle returns to normal.

Candidates for Eyelash Serum

You may wonder if you’d make a good candidate for eyelashes serum. Chances are good that this product would work for you. It’s definitely important to look for any known allergies to the ingredients in the particular serum you wish to try. Avoid any known or suspected allergens. In addition, some clients may not be a candidate if they have eyelid scarring or injury that has caused loss of eyelashes. There is a small percentage of people who should avoid the use of these serums. These include pregnant and breastfeeding women, anyone undergoing chemotherapy and those with extremely sensitive eyes.

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