If you have darkened spots or blemishes on your skin, it can be really frustrating. You may have discoloration from the sun, age spots, acne scars, or freckles that have created a skin tone that is uneven. You can try to address the issue with concealer and other cosmetic products, but these solutions are only temporary. Worse yet, they can look artificial, like you have too much makeup applied to your face. You want to find a solution that will last. Skin lightening treatments can help you to get that even skin tone you are looking for.

Finding the Right Doctor is Key

The first step to skin lightening is to find a doctor who is right for you. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists in your area may offer the services that will give you the results you want to see. Begin by scoping out your options in your area. Look for testimonials and reviews of these doctors from previous clients. You can check out websites and look online for more feedback. Once you have a list of potential doctors who can perform skin lightening treatments for you, narrow it down to a location that works best with you with a doctor who has an excellent reputation.

Explore Your Options for Skin Lightening

Once you have chosen your doctor, you will need to think about what kind of skin lightening procedure you would prefer. One option for skin lightening is the application of a topical bleaching product. This gel has been approved by the FDA and it blocks the production of melatonin in your skin. You can also have your skin exfoliated before you undergo a chemical peel to get similar results. Laser treatments can target certain areas of your skin in order to resurface it. These skin lightening treatments can also eliminate melatonin that has darkened your skin. Each treatment method affects the surface of your skin, lightening the appearance of blemishes or dark spots. Seeking the help of doctors or other qualified professionals can help determine the best route for you!

Are you interested in learning more about skin lightening treatments? Contact us today at River Region Dermatology & Laser and schedule your consultation! Our team proudly serves you from our office in Montgomery, AL!

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