Has your skin’s appearance taken a turn for the worse due to problems like hyperpigmentation, sun damage, stretch marks, or acne scars? If so, the application of a chemical peel may be able to help minimize these problems and restore the youthful vibrance of your skin without the need for surgery. At River Region Dermatology & Laser, we are proud to provide this revitalizing solution.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

The chemical peel is a non-invasive, medical-grade treatment involving the application of carefully chosen chemicals to the skin for a certain amount of time. The treatment process opens and purifies facial pores, diminishing the visible effects of that displays fewer problems like signs of aging and sun damage.

How Do They Work?

Over time, the face accumulates dead skin cells, oiliness, and various impurities in the pores. Acne, whiteheads, and blackheads often result from a buildup of these conditions. A chemical peel cleanses and refreshes the skin with delicate yet potent exfoliation. The treatment improves skin texture and tone, clears up acne and other blemishes, corrects hyperpigmentation and sun damage, and improves the appearance of superficial scars.

What Should I Expect?

Each individual chemical peel treatment is customized to the patient’s unique skin type, tone, and needs. It can be administered in a range of intensities from light to medium to strong, accommodating a full spectrum of results. Those who opt for the chemical peel may notice reduced lines around the mouth and eyes, lessened wrinkles, and faded age spots. This process is designed to refine your skin and help you look and feel more youthful.

If you are interested in the benefits and possibilities of the chemical peel, reach out to make an appointment with River Region Dermatology & Laser! Our dedicated staff will be elated to discuss the ins and outs of the treatment, help you decide if it’s for you, and get you back in a bright and vibrant skin. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! Our office is conveniently located in Montgomery, AL.

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