Your skin is the largest organ that your body possesses. Even if you live in Montgomery, AL, you are going to occasionally have issues with your skin. You might get an allergic reaction, acne, insect bites, an unexplainable rash, eczema, or any number of other problems that plagues people who actually have skin. In fact, your skin is perhaps one of the more interesting organs that you have. Not only does it protect your body from contact with external objects and substances, but it is porous and can absorb things through it. Of course, this property of your skin might explain why you have a rash or some reaction for which you need to see a dermatologist. But, did you know your dermatologist does a lot of other interesting things too that are health and cosmetic related?

Laser Treatments

Another benefit your dermatologist provides to their patients can be classified as cosmetic laser treatments. For example, you might visit your dermatologist for a while to get multiple laser hair removal treatments for getting rid of unwanted hair. This is a popular procedure for people who are trying to get to a point where the hair does not grow back.

Skin Cancer

If you had an odd growth on your skin, your dermatologist could tell you if it is benign or a sign of a more serious problem like skin cancer. If you have done a lot of damage to your skin by staying out in the sun in Montgomery, AL, the possibility that you might develop skin cancer is more real than you might think. However, your dermatologist can benefit you in helping you monitor and address any problems you might have with abnormal growths.

Whether they are helping you with a skin care regimen or dealing with cosmetically covering up scar tissue, your dermatologist does a lot more than you may have initially thought. To learn more, contact us today at River Region Dermatology & Laser and schedule your consultation with our qualified team in Montgomery, AL!

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